* Note: Individual results may vary.

I've had upper back pain for nearly 20 years. Recently I've been working with an acupuncturist and a physical therapist to release the knots in my muscles. I've found that ALCiS Daily Relief truly provides temporary relief from the aches and pains in between therapy--it wasn't bad using it on my lower back during a crammed flight back from a vacation either!"
- Tisha, Santa Cruz, CA

I struggle with lower back and quadricep pain, which tends to flare up after running or a long day on my feet. ALCiS Daily Relief has been such a blessing to me. It provides the temporary pain relief I need so I can function normally throughout the day. As a wife and mother of three, I cannot let pain sideline me. ALCiS Daily Relief has been the perfect solution for my nagging aches and pains. My husband and oldest son are fans also!"*
- Susan, San Jose, CA

I call ALCiS my magic cream because it works so amazingly well to treat the aches and pains in my legs and feet. My husband, daughters, and mother all use it too. I love the fact that it does not stink, which enables me to use it during the day."
- Meredith, San Jose, CA

"I use ALCiS before races as it helps reduce pain in my knee and after for faster recovery. I applied ALCiS every day after Ironman Western Australia and it was my fastest recovery yet."
- Donna Nice, 3rd Place
Ironman Western Australia

"The first time I ever used ALCiS, my lower leg pain was gone within minutes. Ever since then, Ive been hooked on what I call the magic cream.'"
- Tim, Campbell, CA

It's funny you don't realize how much pain you are in until it is gone, even temporarily. ALCiS has meant so much to me. I cannot say enough! Thanks to ALCiS, I now have my life back.
- Candace, Holiday, FL

I was having trouble with my hips. The prescription pain medications made my high blood pressure worse. I tried ALCIS and the improvement is just amazing. My wife and daughter are also using it.
- Charles, Conway, AZ

I can't tell you how many people with minor aches and pains are benefiting from ALCiS Daily Relief. I can honestly say this product is virtually changing the quality of life for some who suffer with pain. It's making a difference. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share it with my clients and friends.
- Renee, Gastonia, NC

"ALCiS has changed my life because it's made me be able to be me. It's made me not have to think about pain all the time... ALCiS doesn't feel like medicine, it feels like I'm putting on an elegant hand cream - it feels good and then it helps! ALCiS works consistently for me. That's just extraordinary. For me, ALCiS is ‘freedom.’”
- Joyce

* Note: Individual results may vary.