ALCiS Daily Relief is an innovative new topical pain cream scientifically designed to provide fast, safe relief directly to the source of your pain.

ALCiS Daily Relief can deliver relief from aches and pains shortly after application.

  • Patented Technology.
  • Liposomes deliver relief directly to the source.

A Closer Look at ALCiS Daily Relief...

The ALCiS patented liposomal technology is made of microscopic 'envelopes' that are 1/50th the diameter of a human hair and which are capable of encapsulating the active ingredients.

ALCiS' patented liposome delivery system is advanced, innovative technology. ALCiS Daily Relief pain relief cream contains patented, microscopic “envelopes,” known as liposomes, which deliver our key ingredients for pain relief. These liposomes help deliver ingredients providing relief without skin irritation.

Each tube is an economic 2 oz size. Use ALCiS every day as part of your daily regime to ensure that you Treat Yourself Well™

See What They're Saying About ALCiS...

“To be able to administer a topical drug that is going to be effective and that is not going to interact or interfere with other drugs is a huge advantage.”

Dr. John E. Massey MD
Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center

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